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Student Discipline (K-3)

To establish and maintain a consistent discipline policy in Grades Kindergarten through Third, a “Turn A Card” system will be implemented. The goal is to promote “self-discipline”, so that each child is accountable for his/her actions and accepts consequences for inappropriate behaviors that infringe upon the rights of others. It will also allow parents to track their child’s progress and prevent minor infractions from escalating into major problems.

Four cards are in place for each child.


1st Card           Green                Indicates good/positive behavior


2nd Card         Yellow              Warning


3rd Card          Orange            Five-minute time out


4th Card           Red                 Ten-minute time out and child’s parent will be notified 

                                                     either by a note or telephone call

At the end of each day, a child’s cards are returned to their original order, indicating a fresh start and another chance at displaying appropriate behavior.

If a child consistently turns a 4th card, the principal will be asked to become involved in the discipline process, and parents will be called in for a conference to discuss actions to help alleviate the inappropriate behavior.

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