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Student Discipline (4-8)

To reflect the Mission of LaSalle Academy, and to demonstrate the acceptance of Christ as our role model, the following behavior expectations have been developed for students in grades 4-8. 

The following violations/actions warrant a consequence as indicated below: 


Level 1 Violation 

A.    Chewing gum anywhere on the school grounds 

B.    Possession of any object that disrupts the learning process 

C.    Late assignments/unprepared for class 

D.    Two or more missing assignments 

E.    Use of language and actions that are not becoming of a Christian who respects

        himself/herself and others 

F.    Loud and disruptive behavior in school 

G.    Violation of uniform dress code; including, but not limited to: hair policy, skirt                     length, makeup, excessive jewelry and shoe policy 

H.    Irreverence during prayer and liturgical celebration 

I.    Disregard for classroom/school rules 

J.    Not participating and/or completing classroom assignments 

K.    Inappropriate physical contact 

L.    2nd offense of bullying behavior 

Level 2 Violation

M.     Use of personal electronic devices in school, including cell phones and Smart Watches, from entrance into the building until student is in mode of transportation home. This includes the After Care Program and after school clubs and practices.

All electronic devices must be turned in to the homeroom teacher and will be returned at the end of the day. During all after school activities and programs, all electronic devices, including cell phones, must be kept in the student’s back pack. The school will not assume responsibility for loss or theft. 

N.     Use of profanity 

O.     Disrespect for those in authority 

P.     Improper use of school computers 

Q.     Leaving school grounds without permission 

R.     Inappropriate threatening physical contact 

S.     Destruction of property 

T.     Cheating 

U.     Theft 

V.     Any action that may cause potential harm to another 

W.     Excessive tardiness (A student may not accumulate more than 5 unexcused days tardy per quarter) * * An excused tardy requires a note from a doctor, parent or legal guardian. 

X.    Intimidation / Harassment 

Y.     3rd offense of bullying behavior 

Immediate Dismissal

These activities will result in notification to proper legal authorities and immediate dismissal. 

*Possession of any weapons including look-a-likes
*Using any object as a weapon
*Possession of drugs/tobacco/alcohol including look-a-likes ŸAssault, battery and any other threat of violence
*Association or any involvement in gang activity 


Behavior Expectations Referral Form


If a student violates the behavior expectations, he/she will be issued a Disciplinary Referral/Detention Form that will be mailed to the parents/guardians indicating the unacceptable behavior and the assigned consequences that are explained below. It is the responsibility of the student to return the signed form the following school day to their homeroom teacher. 

Disciplinary Consequences 

~Level 1 violation warrants one demerit. An accumulation of three demerits in Level 1 will warrant a detention. Further level one demerits will accumulate into another detention. 

~Level 2 violation warrants one immediate detention. 

~All detentions will be held on the day and date indicated on the monthly calendar. 

~Detention will be held from dismissal until 3:30 PM. Parents are responsible for picking up their child. No bus service will be available at this time. 

~If a student misses a scheduled detention, the student will receive an immediate second detention. 

~Any student serving a second detention or any suspension will be suspended from all athletic and extra-curricular activities for a period of one week. Practice sessions are included. A Parent-Teacher Conference will be mandatory. 


~Students issued a 3rd detention, a suspension or non-compliance with scheduled detentions will be required to sign an Academic / Behavior Contract. All agreed upon stipulations in this contract must be upheld by the student for continued participation in school trips, athletics and extra-curricular activities. Continued non-compliant behavior will result in a mandatory Disciplinary Review Board Meting. This board, comprised of a diocesan administrative team will review a students records to determine the appropriate plan of action for the student. The student and his/her parents MUST be present at this meeting. 

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