The school community of LaSalle Academy exists to proclaim and live Jesus Christ's message of love locally and globally. 

       Using Christ as our model, the teaching and traditions of the church and positive, Christ-like example, we strive to provide a safe, nurturing and caring environment that is conducive to the growth and development of the whole child: spiritual, moral, intellectual, emotional, aesthetic, social and physical.  In ensuring this balance, we enable the children to learn and grow in God's love, in respect for self and others, in integrity, justice and personal responsibilities.

We believe that the Christian environment is one in which Faith is living and active
​in love of God and neighbor coupled with service to others.  Our goal is to offer child-centered "Community of Faith" embracing children of valued ethnicities and faiths
working together toward integrating Gospel values in all aspects of life.  Through
​teaching Catholic Doctrine
and beliefs, celebrating the Work and Worship, exemplary modeling by school and staff and continued reinforcement of Christian attitudes and action, the children will develop a well formed conscience.

     We foster emotional and social development by emphasizing Gospel values within daily school life and activities, encouraging the children to show care, concern and generosity to others both locally and globally.

     In keeping with our integrated approach to education, we provide the means for each child to develop a positive self image and attain his/her highest potential in all areas. 
We strive to maintain high standards across the curriculum focusing on mastery of basic skills, knowledge and technology that will sustain the children for life and ensure integration of up-to-date technology throughout the curriculum.

     We encourage students who need additional time and assistance and challenge those who are prepared to move on.  In recognizing the uniqueness of each child, we provide remediation and enrichment according to each one's needs, hoping to enrich and deepen life for each child.  We provide opportunities for the children to perform to the best of their ability, to make wise choices and to assume responsibility for their actions.

     Recognizing that education begins in the home and that parents are truly the primary teachers of their children, we continuously strive to encourage and promote parent involvement by frequent varied methods of contact, thus creating a partnership around the children and helping them to grow into mature, moral and confident individuals ready to make a difference in an ever changing and complex world.
St. John Baptist de LaSalle
Diocese of Scranton Schools Mission

"We, the Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Scranton, are committed to educate students and their families in the Catholic faith.  We provide a Catholic education that is spiritually sound and academically excellent.  We strive to prepare our students to be faith-filled leaders and life long learners dedicated to serving the church and society."​​